True Quality


Warrnambool Timber Industries conducts regular reviews and independent audits of its quality systems to ensure staff and clients benefit from safe, efficient work practices and production methods. Staff training is also a priority, to ensure that the company’s production methods are up-to-date and result in the best possible product.

Warrnambool Timber Industries is a proud member of the Glued Laminated Timber Association of Australia (GLTAA), which guarantees that Warrnambool Timber Industries’ products comply with Australian Standards (AS 1328).

Glulam beams can be treated for protection from insect attack and decay. The glue used in the production of the beams is a thermoset resorcihol adhesive that forms a durable, irreversible bond. For more information about the structural properties and technical data sheets on Glulam beams, visit the GLTAA website:

Glulam beams also offer greater security in the case of a fire. The natural properties of timber create a protective layer of char over the timber once temperatures reach 250 Celsius. This ensures that Glulam beams maintain greater structural support for longer periods of time should a fire occur.

By comparison, steel loses its strength as the temperature rises. At 550 degrees Celsius, steel loses more than 50 per cent of its original strength. At 750 degrees Celsius it loses up to 90 per cent of its original bending capabilities.