Environmentally Friendly

Warrnambool Timber Industries maintains a strong commitment to the environment by producing Glulam beams sourced only from plantation timber.

The timber used in constructing the Glulam beams is of the highest quality and utilises parts of plantation pine that, despite its superior quality would otherwise be discarded due to the shorter individual lengths.

Warrnambool Timber Industries takes these shorter lengths and joins them to produce the longer beams, ensuring that no timber is left to waste during the manufacturing process.

Warrnambool Timber Industries’ Glulam beams also offer greater energy efficiency. Timber’s greenhouse gas emissions are more than 20 times less than those omitted by steel. Timber also offers superior heat conduction properties.

And because Glulam beams are available in longer lengths and have greater spanning capabilities than traditional sawn timber, fewer supporting beams are needed. This allows for more flexible designs, as well as retaining the ease of using timber during construction.